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The search for talent is critical to the sustainability of any organization.  Missing the target is a costly endeavor which impacts productivity, morale, performance, and the bottom line; not to mention the countless hours dedicated to training employees.  The success of an organization is predicated on its ability to find the best talent, quickly, and align it to its functional and cultural matrices.

The Talent Acquisition/Staffing solutions at Hallyr & Company are customized for each client based on their short-term and/or long-term workforce goals.

Retained Executive SearchContingency SearchTemporary PlacementRPO Solutions

A retained Executive search with comprehensive planning and an exclusively dedicated team to target and acquire key talent and leadership.

Conducted under an exclusive contract to represent the client in the marketplace Hallyr & Company establishes the Team Foundation with engagement that is comprised of:


At Hallyr the team design entrusted and dedicated to the Executive search is an important consideration prior to the actual “kick off”.  One of the critical components of the team is the Engagement Manager (EM).  The EM is responsible for managing the Client Relationship and performs all the strategic functions ahead of the Search.


The process of “Searching for Executives” begins at the commencement of the Research Phase of the Search. This is where most of the Candidates are initially developed.


The Candidate Recruitment process begins with one of two calls: 1. a call to recruit and qualify a specific individual developed through a target list from Research, a Candidate Database, or a Referral from a “Source” or 2. a Sourcing call to a non‐Candidate known to Hallyr as someone with insight into a larger potential Candidate pool.


Similar to the Executive Recruiting process minus the dedicated team and retained fee structure Hallyr engages the Contingent Search with a comprehensive assessment of the needs of the client and partnership that includes:

  • Job Description review
  • Identification of the “must haves” attributes from candidate profiles that would secure an interview
  • Review of Target industry leaders to focus in on during the search
  • Understanding of the internal environment and culture of the client organization
  • Weekly update reports to client with candidate submissions and activity to increase synergy in applicant flow
  • Compliance with client submission standards and requirements
  • Detailed candidate bios and experience profiles during submissions
  • Extensive candidate inventory matrix / database for in-depth searches
  • A guaranteed above industry candidate close percentage
  • Our goal at Hallyr is to ensure a very high positive candidate and client experience be the driving force with every search engagement. Accomplishing this objective we focus on the deliverables and the expectations set forth with every interaction and engagement, reviewing customer satisfaction surveys, and making recruiting a better experience for all parties.
  • The Temporary Placement Solutions at Hallyr deliver carefully pre-screened candidates quickly (within 24 hours of order), inline with Clients expectations, with the right type of skills to get the job done.

    In situations where clients need solutions yesterday we focus on “speed to market” of candidates, providing reliability, and support in situations that require:

  • Increased work demands through busy market cycles
  • Filling in for employees on leave
  • Specialized project assignments
  • Administrative/Transactional , Mid-Level, Managerial, and Executive level candidates
  • Place Immediate Order
  • The foundation of our business is rooted in a belief that we should continually add value to our clients’ operations.  An extension of this is Hallyr’s approach to RPO Solutions service delivery – a true partnership.  While also managing your organization’s complete end-to-end recruitment processes, Hallyr provides strategic consultation and oversight of the entire talent acquisition strategy while proactively identifying key areas for elevation, anticipating and planning for upcoming challenges and collaboratively designing innovative ways to improve and maintain superior competitive positioning in the marketplace.
    Example Offerings:

          1. Dedicated Delivery Team Service Model
          2. Scalable & Highly Experienced Resources
          3. Client Maintained Ownership of Candidates & Candidate Data
          4. Data & Analytics-Driven Program Management & Oversight
          5. Implementation Team Well-Versed in Leading Change Management, Solution Design, Training & More
          6. Robust Reporting & Analytics
          7. Service Level Agreements / Key Performance Indicators Designed Collaboratively
          8. Optional ATS & CRM / Talent Community Functionality with Integration Capabilities
          9. Measuring Recruiter Performance (KPI) – quantitative & qualitatively measures
          10. Identifying Recruiter training and developmental deficits
          11. Building a Voice of the Customer (VOC) framework
          12. Developing communication strategies (internal/external)
          13. Managing escalations

    All-Encompassing Service Delivery for Targeted Business Areas
    Hallyr’s full cycle RPO solutions are built to accommodate your organization’s full process needs for hiring within specific lines of business, geographic locations or niche demands – exempt, non-exempt, high volume, etc. Our commitment to excellence in service delivery translates to the maximization of results delivered for our clients, inclusive of improved efficiencies and enhanced quality of hires, to effectively achieve and exceed your unique business goals.
    How can we help you?

          1. Can your company benefit from RPO?
          2. Looking to advance your workforce from good to great?
          3. Is your RPO technology optimized for velocity?

    Hallyr & Company recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) amplifies talent acquisition results. Our expertise combines innovative recruitment practices and cloud-based talent acquisition solutions to deliver higher-quality results. Our flexible solutions can be adjusted for volume/velocity, precise alignment to your business goals, an effective hiring community imprint, and strong candidate engagement—all configured to promote enhanced post-hire performance at client organizations worldwide.

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